Friday, September 30, 2005


I'm thinking of a long-term project, maybe called "An aesthetics of storygames" or "a history of storygames."

Some things to read (again):
On the Art of the Noh Drama
Tale of Genji & Story of the Stone, but just the poems
Lots of Chinese & other Asian poetry
Exquisite Corpse stuff from the early days
Popul Vuh
And plenty of other stuff, I'm sure

I use "storygames" instead of the conventional "role-playing games" for a very specific reason, and that has to do with the first item in the list. Zeami clearly differentiates between role-playing and portrayal, and shuns the first in favor of the second. I think we actually do the same thing with our games.


Blogger DevP said...

Interesting idea - I'm curious what you'll find. About the roleplaying / portrayal split: is that somewhat like the difference between "method acting" vs acting-acting, or something like that? I'm pretty sure I'm down with taht.

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