Monday, June 13, 2005


This isn't really an interesting. I hope to have some better stuff up later today.

As of today, the number of pageviews for this blog in June (2600 in 13 days) is equal to the number of pageviews for May (2600 in 26 days that I had a counter running.) That's exponential growth, and that's pretty cool.

In honor of that: Some factoids from my counter.


  • The most people come from GMT -5 (Eastern Standard Time.)
  • The next most is a rough tie between GMT -8 (Pacific Standard Time) and GMT +1 (Central Europe and Scandanavia -- thanks, Sven and Jonas!)
  • There are a smattering of people from -6, -7, and 0 (Central, Mountain, and Western Europe, respectively.)
  • A very small number of hits come in from +2 (Finland: Hi, Eero!), +7 (China: Hi, Rich and Jonathan!), +9 (Australia: Hi, Claire), and +11 (New Zealand: Hi, person from New Zealand.)
  • I used to get a bunch of hits from +4 (Hi: US Soldier station in Afghanistan?) but that died off recently.


  • Around %60 of you use Windows XP, %10 use ME.
  • %30 use MacOS X
  • A smatter of percentages is split between older Windices, Linux, and "other."


  • %50 (!) use Firefox.
  • %25 use Explorer
  • %20 use Safari
  • The remaining %5 are split between several Netscapes, Mozilla, and many different Operas.

There are 24 subscribers to the LJ feed.

Hey, I told you it wasn't interesting!


Blogger hix said...

As the person from New Zealand, I find it fascinating!

-- Steve

4:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The relatively small number of Israelis reading this do so exclusively through the LJ feed.

As long as you're taking stock :)

- Shiffer

6:06 AM  
Blogger kaeru said...

Hello from one of your Western European readers. I'm a Dutch information designer and indie rpg fan. I surf with Firefox, on both Windows and Mac OS X. Enjoying your posts! I'm subscribed to your feed, as well. :-)

6:04 PM  
Blogger Cayzle said...

Oh well. I feel glad to get 300 views in a month!

1:57 AM  

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