Friday, June 03, 2005

Intended Audience

Just a note on the intended audience of this blog.

I am an amateur game designer. This blog is for me to speak to other amateur game designers about the craft that we love, and what I think about it, as a peer.

(By "amateur" I don't just mean "unpaid." I have made a (very small) amount of money from game design, and Polaris is hopefully going to ratchet that up a power of ten or so. By "amateur," I mean "primarily done for the love of the thing." The concerns of an amateur are precisely to improve upon his own craft and maybe to share his work with the world.)

There are professional game designers in this world, and with their professionalism comes a whole host of other issues. I'm not going to talk about those issues at all, or at least I'm going to try to avoid them.

This statement doesn't mean that you cannot or should not read this if you are a professional game designer, or if you are not a game designer at all. Just know that you aren't in my target audience.

I am also an amateur role-playing game player (are there such things as professional role-playing game players?) so some of the posts in this blog may be about those concerns, as well.

But primarily, it is a place for me to speak to fellow amateur designers.


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