Saturday, June 04, 2005

Away time

I'll be away for the next few days visiting Emily, Vincent, Meg, Sebastian, Eliot, Joshua, and Carrie, all people who are better game designers than I am. It'll be fun, and probably I'll learn a lot. Expect some serious posts here thursday or friday, but nothing until then.

(Sven -- I'm going to try to get to that GNS post today. If I don't, I'll reply on Wednesday evening PST).


Blogger Joshua A.C. Newman said...

Pff. Better game designer than you.Tsh.

I know you're not gonna have much Internet time this week, but if you could read the Under The Bed rules to help me edit, that would be great. PM me at the Forge. My mail server's got a cold. That's why I'm writing you here.


7:39 PM  

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