Thursday, April 28, 2005

Polaris Needs You!

As I just posted on the Forge, Polaris is nearing completion, and now I need help from other people.

In short, I need -- playtesters, layout guy, ad swap, serious readers.

In long, see this post

Contact by commenting here, or whatever.

Thanks to those that can help!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can commit to being a reader, if you are interested.

I have a vague idea what Polaris is about, but I have not read any of the drafts. I am a picky, critical reader - in fact my day job is to throw dollops of red ink at other people's writing.

I would like to playtest, but I suspect from what I have heard about Polaris that my group isn't ready for such a dramatic departure from the standard RPG model.

Contact me at (real name without spaces) at gmail.

1:31 PM  

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