Saturday, August 27, 2005

[Bennies] Announcing the Bennies

Hey folks.

I've decided to give out the "Ben Lehman Awards for Actual Play," which will have the official nickname of "The Bennies."

As stated, the awards will be given for Actual Play -- both for Actual Play of games and for Actual Play write-ups.

The awards will be for:

Best Single Session Play
Best Multi-Session Play
Best Play Scenario (repeated over several seperate instances)

Best Play Write-Up
Best Write-Up of Problematic Play

Lifetime Achievement Award

The first three categories are awards given to the play itself, the central two are awards given to the play write-ups, the last is given to a particular player who has distinguished themselves through a lifetime of good play.

Judging will be based on publically available Actual Play reports, from RPGnet, the Forge, web logs, or other sources. If I played in or observed the game, I may also draw on personal experience to make my judgement.

Eligible games are those played from January 1st, 2004 to the present day. There will be a month-long nomination period, starting now. Please e-mail all nominations to by September 27th.

Nominated write-ups should be in English (preferred) or Mandarin Chinese. If the play was in a different language, a translation will be required for judging. Apologies for the inconvenience.